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IsoSensuals™ CURVE

Achieve Bigger, Fuller, Rounder Buttocks

Natural Butt Enhancement Cream

Inspired by celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, JLo, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce, women who have wasted months at the gym trying to attain a more shapely bottom are now lining up at the plastic surgeonís office.

At an average $4,000 per bun, implant surgeries and injections are not cheap and many patients are taking out loans for the surgery, paying it back in mortgage-like installments.

Surgeries and injections may also lead to complications such as:

  • Nerve damage from incision and insertion of the implants
  • Post surgery infection and prolonged pain
  • Skin damage – the overlaying skin may become stretched or scarred
  • Implant breakage
  • Fluid collections

The list goes on…that’s why men and women  are seeking non-surgical and natural ways to have larger and fuller buttocks. Introducing IsoSensuals™ CURVE, the natural aid to butt enhancement.

How IsoSensuals™ CURVE Works…

The buttocks are formed by masses of the gluteal muscles and superimposed by a layer of fat. IsoSensuals™ CURVE works by enlarging the layer of fat, helping you achieve bigger, fuller, rounder buttocks.

The secret ingredient in CURVE is Voluplus™. Studies show Voluplus™ helps to increase the size and count of fat cells in the buttocks. It is a safe and natural alternative to dangerous and costly butt implants and injections.

Hundreds of thousands of men and women worldwide have been satisfied with IsoSensuals™ CURVE because it works!

Real People, Real Results

Individual results may vary. Results are based on one's adherence to the program and exercise.

Voluplus™ - The Science Behind IsoSensuals™ CURVE

In a recent study conducted by the Provital Group, a culture of fat cells were exposed to Voluplus™ to measure the effects.

It can be clearly seen that fat cells from the treated group show a higher accumulation of triglycerides and appear larger in size. This is a clear indicator that Voluplus™ is helping increase the size and count of fat cells.

As new fat cells are being created, there is an increase in the aP2 (adipose protein 2) gene expression. The more aP2 gene expression, the more mature fat cells being created.
A group of cells were isolated and exposed to Voluplus™. The results show up to a 600% increase in aP2 gene induction, confirming that Voluplus™ helps stimulate adipogeneeis.

We offer you a 60 day back Guarantee. If you use IsoSensuals™ CURVE Butt Enhancement Cream and are not satisfied with results - we will give you your money back.